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Meet Kay

Kimberly Minter, also known as Kay, is a New Jersey Native who grew up in Willingboro.  She is an amazing mother of three handsome boys and grandmother of two.

She has always had an admiration for writers but never imagined of becoming one until January of 2020. Ironically for her, that was the year that God gave her a clear vision that it was time for her to use her experience for others. Kim persevered from a tumultuous life storm and felt this was the perfect time to use her voice.  

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The Journey

As Kay gets ready to start her journey sharing life’s challenges as well as successes, she wanted to create a non-judgmental platform in which people could be themselves, and to freely exchange dialogue and experiences while providing solicited advice. 


“It was important for me to create a safe space and/or be that ‘one person’ for someone who may have no one.  Although I genuinely love helping others, I understand and appreciate what God has done in my life. I was sustained for a reason; I am now living in my purpose. Throughout my journey, I realize that we don’t always go through things for ourselves, but to be equipped to help others.”

Kay’s mission is to: 

-To raise awareness and amplify the importance of Mental Health.

-Encourage, empower and support people that are faced with challenges, without an outlet.


-Help people identify unidentified issues that continually weigh them down or stagnate

their growth.


-Provide various perspectives on situations or circumstances to help lighten their load.


-To use her own experiences as a tour guide for others walking the same path, or those who will soon fill the shoes she's once walked in.


-Show people how to view the glass as half full opposed to half empty.


Kay stated:

"I want my blog to appeal to everyone. It's designed to encourage people who wants to enact change in their lives, circumstances or their way of thinking. People who crave a more meaningful life with a deeper understanding. 


It's for people who are looking to live and lead a more conscious, healthy and balanced lifestyle.


It is my hope to reach and engage with people from all walks of life.


Anyone who feels they can benefit from reading The Experience blog posts or by watching the V-Logs.


This is my attempt to trigger these much-needed conversations and to rid the biases that surround Mental Health. 


What many don't realize is- we have a lot more in common than not. 


We may not all have the same story, but we all have a story’.”

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Empower Growth



Let's stay connected! 

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