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Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Jumps To His Death From His 18th Floor Penthouse

Fifty-two-year-old, Gustavo Arnal, died by suicide on September 2, 2022, after he jumped from the 18th floor of Manhattans New York’s Jenga Building, also known as the Tribeca skyscraper. Arnal was named the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Bed Bath and Beyond in May of 2020. He was a husband to Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal, and a father of two daughters.

When you hear that someone purposefully jumped from a building to end their life, you begin to wonder what that person was going through that made them believe that was their only option. So often people look on the surface by judging what’s on the surface of a person. And what I mean by that is- a person’s economic or social status, their looks, or materialistic possessions. On the outside looking in, it’s always easy to think someone has it all together. But people never truly know what someone may be internally going through.

The article mentions an investigation into an inflation scheme, but I don’t care about that, nor are we going to breathe life into that, because honestly, it is truly irrelevant to the cause. This blog isn’t meant to demonize or judge people, or to discuss their actions or lack thereof. It is to trigger the vital conversations of Mental Health and Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

According to The World Health Organization, (WHO), and the Global Burden of Disease, (GBD), studies estimate that close to 800,000 people die by suicide each year. Eight-hundred thousand! That number is insane, and I don’t understand why this national crisis isn’t a global conversation, followed by proactive measures.

There are so many people who consider suicide than people are willing to accept, admit or talk about. Whether that is due to embarrassment, the fear of being seen as weak or just because they feel no one will understand. Despite the reasoning, people are dying by suicide at an alarming rate and those people are our friends and loved ones.

I do not mind setting the tone by admitting that I was suicidal. I will forever live in my truth because that reality is mine. I am not ashamed, nor do I fear the judgement I may receive by admitting something people overlook, choose not to acknowledge, or believe is “not a thing”.

The ONLY reason I am here today is because of GOD. But what about those who do not have a relationship with a higher power? Those are the people who suffer the most because when they experience life unfavorably, they truly feel they are alone, despite the relationships they have with friends and/or family.

I will forever give God the glory because it is his grace that spared my life; I will not allow God’s mercy to be in vain. I was sustained so I could be a living witness and use my experiences to help others accept, acknowledge, unpack, and begin the healing process.

Life is ROUGH. Like- it really IS rough! I don’t care who you are, what your social or economic status is, how beautiful you are, what you drive, how big your house is or how much money you may have. Gustavo’s net worth was six-million dollars; his economic status speaks truth when it’s said that money cannot buy happiness. Mental Health or Suicidal thoughts are unbiased to it all. Bottom line is- we all struggle with SOMETHING. But you don’t have to face it alone.

Despite our differences and deficiencies, we can begin the process of surface healing by deploying intentional kindness to others and ourselves. Lend empathy, sympathy, no judgement zones, and love. Further, let’s be open and honest to having these conversations, because acceptance is the first step, because how can we begin to fix a problem that people don’t believe exists? This blog was created for any and everyone who may feel like they don’t have an outlet.

RIP Gustavo Arnal…

You can find and read the story by clicking the link below.

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