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David Mann Opens Up About His Encounter with Depression

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In an interview with Tamron Hall, comedian David Mann opened up about his encounter with depression. David Mann said he realized that something “didn’t feel right and was off”, and that the way he dealt with those feelings, was by going into his office and going to sleep. David Mann said that his depression felt like “he was drowning, but no one knew he was drowning”.

David Mann, also known as ‘Mr. Brown’ to most fans, indicated that seeking counseling when a person's mental well-being is called into question, is a viable action. David Mann revealed that he prayed relentlessly but, in the end, he still felt miserable. It wasn’t until he became proactive in his own recovery by seeking therapy, that he was able to stare depression in its face and begin walking a path to healing.

When I watched the video clip, some of the feelings David described resonated with me because when I was in a depressive state, I too used sleep as a coping mechanism. Sleep provided a temporary escape of reality. When you’re asleep, your mind doesn't host the parade of thoughts that run rampant in your mind while you’re awake. So, sleep was the ‘easy way out’, but a non-indefinite way out.

I applaud David Mann for sharing his vulnerabilities with the world. Speaking on some of life’s darkest moments are never easy. Many times, it’s a place that people do not want to revisit, let alone discuss. But when you understand the purpose of the circumstances endured, you gain confidence that what God brings you to, he’ll bring you through.

Celebrities experience life the same as everyday people, but when life’s waves knock them down, it’s on display for the world to see. That reality is a debilitating component, and a reason a lot of celebrities suppress their emotions, as opposed to seeking treatment. Stardom and privacy mix the same as oil and water. An exacerbating factor to that combination is the chatter of the world which amplifies the challenges, essentially tipping the scale. A person who chooses to focus on the bottom line and speak up about personal experiences as opposed to allowing fear to drive their destination is a special person with a purpose.

Mental health applies to everyone and does not discriminate. A person’s race, ethnicity, social status, popularity, sexual preference, or wealth doesn’t exclude them from experiencing what life has to offer. It is our responsibility to incubate our mental state and ensure that we are processing each tribulation adequately. People should not judge others based on what they see on the surface, because you never really know what someone is dealing with, and David Mann’s encounter was a prime example.

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