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I can say that suicide is a situation that’s not easily understood unless you have occupied those shoes. It wasn’t until I had a direct experience with suicide that changed my perspective on it completely. It's easy for people to say, ‘it’s a selfish’ act, ‘how can the person leave their kids’, or ‘there isn’t anything that bad enough to make someone take their own life’, etc. But that isn’t true.

People don’t just wake up one day and decide to take their life. It’s a buildup of unresolved life circumstances combined with the pressures of everyday life triggered by current conditions. Everyone handles stress differently and unfortunately; a lot of people operating as ticking time bombs.

I agree that people should check on their loved ones, but 8 out of 10 times when asked, they are going to tell you that they’re ‘ok’. So, does that really provide insight as to whether they are internally struggling? No, it doesn’t. One of the best ways to check on your loved ones is to be supportive.

But being supportive is an action word; so that means don’t just tell them you have their back, show them. If they ask you for help, help them without talking about them later, don’t have any ulterior motives; don’t discuss their business; pray with and for them, be nonjudgmental and most of all: be consistent. That is really all we can do for one another because the rest of the help needs to come from a higher power.

Suicidal people are not selfish, they are just completely incapable of thinking of anything or anyone else in that moment. Our brain is the most powerful muscle in our bodies and at times, we can’t shut it off. When someone becomes suicidal, it comes from relentless chatter that permeates their minds. This chatter consists of all their problems, all of their deficiencies from childhood up through adulthood, their trauma, unresolved issues, etc.

Being confined to the walls of ones’ mind is the most dangerous place to be and shouldn’t be discounted or overlooked. Many people are fighting silent wars within themselves, and it isn’t something easily comprehended. It costs nothing to be nice or speak a kind word into someone’s life. You never know who needs it and who’s day you could be making.

Remember- people show what they want others to see. People rarely allow people to see them in their most vulnerable state, which also exacerbates the issue because they are trying so hard to maintain an image that others have of them. Let’s change the trajectory and do away with harsh comments and judgements and let’s begin deploying love, support, empathy, and compassion for others. You never know who truly needs it.

RIP Twitch. May you fly high and dance up to Heavens Gates.

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