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Raven K. Jackson, Death By Suicide

Twenty-four-year-old Raven K. Jackson, died by suicide on September 6, 2022. Raven was as a fitness instructor, entrepreneur, model, and a motivational speaker. Raven was also known as the girlfriend of Chicago’s Rapper, 600 Breezy. Although it isn’t clear as to what occurred in those last critical moments, we are certain of the bottom line, which is Raven is no longer with us, due to mental health issues.

In a string of Instagram posts from Rapper 600 Breezy, who’s real name is Antonio Valentino King, he shared how heartbroken and devastated he was. I have never heard of Raven until this tragedy occurred, but I wanted her story to be included in my suicide prevention efforts. Although you can’t always get an accurate depiction of someone via social media, I was able to see her beyond the flesh. I could see her transparently in a spiritual realm, so I was able to observe Raven in a light that most people can’t.

I began to watch her social media videos and listened to how she projected inspiration and motivation to others, and I honestly saw a lot of myself in her. On the outside looking in, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was struggling internally with some things, but I could see that she was actually speaking to and about herself in some of her motivational speeches. Raven was silently crying out for help, but she was unsure of where or how to get the type of help she needed.

Raven had over 346 thousand followers on Instagram, and 228 thousand followers on Tik-Toc with more than 2.3 million likes. Raven posted videos of some of her clients that she inspired with her fitness tips, others would comment beneath her posts and tell her how much they loved her or to tell her how beautiful she was. But it still was not enough. Raven was battling something deeper that she was just unable to break free from. I read the text messages her boyfriend, Antonio (600 Breezy), posted to his Instagram and my heart literally shattered because I completely empathized with where her mind was.

Reaching the brink of suicide is beyond desperation and exhaustion. Mental depletion is an emotion that cannot be explained, nor can the emptiness be filled with anything short of God. This is not to suggest that Raven did not have God in her life, I just behest she was more anchored in him because he could’ve delivered her from all of the distorted mind chatter. I wish I could have had just one conversation with her; although we never met a day in our lives, I believe that I could have related with her in a way that many people wouldn’t have been able to, simply because I once filled those very same shoes.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I know it was God who undoubtedly sustained me when I was going to take my life in December of 2017. I thank him every day for preservation and even more when I come across unfortunate stories like Raven’s. I pray her loved ones can come to terms with the loss, but I implore them not to take it personally, or to internalize her actions or lack thereof.

It’s easy to have an opinion on what Raven did, but she was the only person who was confined to the walls of her mind, and if you have never been to the point of carrying out a suicide, you could never begin to understand what that feels like. Additionally, people that commit suicide shouldn’t be characterized as selfish because honestly, suicidal victims are completely incapable of thinking of anyone or anything else at that moment. Their mind permeates with loud and endless chatter, so let’s begin to view suicide victims differently, because you never truly know what someone may be going through.

May you FOREVER Rest In Eternal Peace, Raven K. Jackson

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