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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Many people have deficiencies and seek to fill their voids. Each person has their own

way of looking deficits in the face, which is not an easy thing to do. Because of that, people tend to identify with titles, status, or materialistic things by way of ideologies. Fixing issues that you deem wrong in your life can be difficult, so people begin looking for ways to bring forth that validation.

Things that do not validate you:

  •  Your work title (it is simply a function performed for economic gain)

  •  A man/woman (they exist in your life to be a partner and/or to be an asset)

  •  Material Possessions (can be purchased, by anyone)

  •  Other people’s opinions (you cannot change how other’s see you)

  •  Your position at a place of worship (that was disposed to you as to provide a service)

  •  Social Media (it is virtual, anyone can paint a lavish but fictitious lifestyle)

  •  Social Status (anyone can mix and mingle, but it is not an identifying factor)

  •  Accolades (this is something that anyone can accomplish if they put their mind to it)

By no means is the aforementioned meant to discount hard work and dedication, or for being a

productive and successful individual. It is simply to point out that you are not your

accomplishments but instead, someone taking full advantage of what life has to offer.

Accomplishments undoubtedly add value to your life, but they are not identifying factors.

Self-validation is liberating, and the only validation you will ever need. No one else has the power to validate or invalidate you unless you give them the keys to do so. Never give anyone that much power over your life.

As long as YOU feel validated, add your stamp of approval and stand on it, UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

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