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What is Mental Health?

Mental health is a state of well-being that includes the emotional, psychological, social, and mental welfare of a human being. Mental health has major life determinants. It determines moods, thought processes, how to adequately deal with situations are the manner in which they are processed.

Additionally, mental health determines how stress is handled, how relational you are to others and the manner in which you make decisions. Mental health affects how a person think, feel, and act. Mental Health is vital at every stage of life: From childhood and adolescence all the way through adulthood.

Social and economic circumstances, biological factors, and lifestyle decisions are configurative to a person’s mental health. Where one grows up, what they’re exposed to, the environment in which they’re raised: what they see, learn, hear, and become witnesses to.

Mental health is not a white thing, it isn’t a black thing. It isn’t a gay thing, nor a straight thing. It’s not a gender or status thing because it isn’t limited. What it is, is, a living organism thing. Human beings have brains and therefore become intentionally or inadvertently affected when their mental health is not up to par.

Contributing factors to mental health issues:

· Biological Factors: (Genes/Chemistry)

· Life’s Experience(s): (Trauma/Abuse/Unresolved Issues)

· Social and Economic Pressures

· Family history of mental health

· Sexual Exploitation at an early age

Non-Discriminative of:

· Age

· Gender

· Race/Color/Creed/Ethnicity

· Sexual Preference

· Social Rank/Privilege

· Economic Status

Early Warning Signs:

· Excessive eating/No appetite

· Insomnia/Excessive sleeping

· Renounces usual activities or steers clear of people

· Low/No energy

· Numbness/Carelessness/Distance

· Unexplainable aches/Pains

· Hopelessness/Helplessness

· Smoking/Alcohol Abuse/Substance abuse

· Unusual confusion/absentmindedness

· Displeasure/Severe mood swings/Anxiousness/Impulsive anger

Ways To Maintain Positive Mental Health:

· Therapy/Counseling/Support group

· Be socially engaged

· Find/Extract/Focus on the silver lining

· Get physically active/Work out/Maintain a Healthy Diet

· Help others

· Church activities/Prayer/ Meditation

· Surround yourself with positive people/things

· Proper sleep

· Perspective Alteration

Positive Mental Health Enables:

· Presence/Full potential realization

· Positive/Enriched life

· Coping mechanisms for stress

· Productivity

· Healthy relationships

· Better decision making

· Better appetite/Sleep Pattern

· Happiness

For More on Mental Health:

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